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Frequently Asked Questions

Today a company’s marketing strategy completely depends on the Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing helps in increasing the number of sales revenue very easily & effectively. Digital Marketing helps you brand your company through different marketing channels. Digital Marketing helps to build a direct relationship with your customers.

Digital Marketing ensures better ROI (Return of Investment. Digital Marketing helps your company to appear on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Digital Marketing gives you multiple career options. You need no formal college degree to excel in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is the future of marketing.

A good Digital Marketing institute should have a Legacy.

A good Digital Marketing institute must have experienced Teaching Staff.

A good Digital Marketing institute should have good Infrastructure.

A good Digital Marketing institute should have practical training approach.

A good Digital Marketing institute must provide Accreditation of the Course offered.

A good Digital Marketing institute should have Placement and Internship assistance.

A good Digital Marketing institute must have positive testimonials and reviews.

Every student will get an opportunity to work in our own company during internship. We will be providing work experience certificate.

We will be giving interview trainings and placement assistance to every student.

All our instructors/faculty are having years of experience in teaching & working in digital marketing field.

Besides regular faculties, we have engaged industry experts who will be interacting & monitoring the progress of each student.


Digital Marketing is a very lucrative career option today.

The starting salary as a fresher is anywhere between 15k-30k per month. The best part is that you can demand this salary on the basis of your experience and talent, rather than the number of degrees you have.

As you progress in your digital marketing career this salary will only increase.

Digital Marketing Is Here To Stay. Digital marketing is growing at a rate of 30-40% yearly. Big multinational companies like Unilever and P&G now spend huge proportion of their marketing budgets on digital marketing, and companies like Amazon and Zomato spend even higher.

In fact, even senior marketers having experience in print, TV, and radio are now embracing digital as a medium. So why shouldn’t you, as a fresher?

You don’t need any formal education or degree to learn Digital marketing. All you need is a knack to learn new things and basic computer knowledge.

What you actually need is a good Digital marketing training institute where you can get real work experience and practical trainings.

As an Entrepreneur it is vital that you adapt to the new trends. Digital marketing is the future of marketing.

Few reasons for you to think if you need to learn Digital marketing:

EXCEED YOUR COMPETITORS – Knowledge of digital marketing and social media strategies allows you to compete with competitors.

INCREASED BRAND AWARENESS – Digital marketing helps entrepreneur build brand awareness. Social media together with digital marketing is an effective way to build brand presence.

KEEP TRACK OF RESULTS – Digital marketing analytics and data helps you to analyse your marketing campaigns. You can plan more effectively and make changes instantly.

GUIDE DIGITAL AGENCIES – Entrepreneur should know the digital marketing skills because this makes them capable enough to guide the digital agency engaged by them for their business. You can also check if the marketing strategies are in-line with the company requirements.

Other advantages of learning digital marketing by an Entrepreneur are you can plan your Digital marketing budget more effectively, you can market your own company yourself even while you travel or sleep and you can connect with your customers personally.

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